STANDING AS ONE by Kristi Kirby

Standing as one heart feeling present in the universe on the green grass outside.

Feeling the dancing moon, energy of Mother Earth 🌍 and the spiral of life🌀.

I stand with this tribe!! Standing listening to the heavenly music in my heart ❤️

I grab a walking stick place it behind my neck and hold it there. Allowing my arms to be raised and allowing the opening in my chest.

Breathing in oxygen fully breathing in the air from the trees 🌳

Accepting love from this tribe. Openness of my heart and pain. The pain flees me escaping my soul from my heart.

I stand in open heart gazing at the peach Tree planted in remembrance of my nephew Leiland 💙 I am one with him in my heart. I mirror the peach tree that produced enough to share 🍑

Breathing, opening my chest to heart.
Taking breaths expanding my mind and shedding tears held up inside 💔

I raise my walking stick above my head and the peace jumps in. Opening the truth in me and acknowledging myself. Being kind to my soul.

Walk with me ☯️☮️🌈✨