A solo play about saving one’s own life

Confession: Fiona Goodwin is British. Very.
And also, she’s a lesbian.


Her religion, family and country urge her to be be straight. Ms. Goodwin, however, has other urges that involve rescuing pretty maidens.

Forgive me father for I have sinned…
I spent three decades lying to myself about the fact that I am gay.

Despite religious exorcisms, a lifetime of jungian analysis, dating countless beautiful but unavailable women and one very available but sweaty man,
Fiona Goodwin is and always will be a very British lesbian.

And you have been invited to her coming out party….

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What Fiona’s Fans Are Saying about their favorite British Lesbian

Fiona has the ability to make us laugh and cry at the same time. She takes the struggles of her life and wraps it around with her incredible dry sense of humor. Fiona lets us experience her life so fully that we leave knowing her intimately and relieved to see her journey has taken her to such a powerful place. ~ Margie Haber, Hollywood's celebrity acting coach

A darkly comical, autobiographical narrative. ~ Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Go see Fiona’s show. She’s hilarious. ~ Melanie Mayron, Director, Grace and Frankie, Jane the Virgin

Incredibly honest and in the moment, yet with a very English rueful detachment too. Tough to pull that off, but Fiona Goodwin succeeds.  ~ Bennett Tramer, TV writer and producer, Saved By The Bell

Fiona’s stories are very funny and her dry British humor makes it even funnier. She was great at handling and interacting with the audience.  ~ Sally Landau, Relationship Coach

Be sure to catch Fiona Goodwin’s one woman show A VERY BRITISH LESBIAN. It’s hilariously honest and refreshingly authentic.  ~ Drew Heriot, Film Director, The Secret

I still think she just never met the right chap.  ~ Fiona’s Mother