"Be sure to catch Fiona Goodwin’s one-woman show. It’s hilariously honest and refreshingly authentic. The book “had me laughing out loud and wanting more.” - Drew Heriot, Director of The Secret


Corona Live Poetry Left Coast Lesbian Lunch Crying in Bed with Fiona Show - Facebook Live - 2 year anniversary. This is how it started:

MONDAY & FRIDAY 1pm Pacific/ 4pm EST/ 9pm UK
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"STRANGER THAN FICTION" - Storytelling event at Marilyn Monroe Theatre in West Hollywood 4th of March 2022


The memoir is here! 

Fiona’s long-awaited memoir is now  available.

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Fiona Goodwin first kissed a girl at the age of eighteen in 1970. She was as shocked as anyone, and her confession to the pastor led to a failed Linda Blair-style exorcism. The odyssey that followed included training as a nun in Italy, a starring role as Satan with a wandering troupe of missionaries in Honduras, filmsets in Hollywood, the Comedy Store in LA, a five-star review at the Edinburgh Festival 2019, and eventually a journey with ayahuasca in Peru.

A love story of epic proportions and the struggle to shed the cult of fundamentalist Christianity are at the heart of this story. Its universal appeal is in the courage to tell the truth: everybody has the choice to keep the status quo and live a muted version of themselves, but this memoir is a rallying cry for anyone, straight or gay, who has denied the bigger truth of who they are.

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”This is not just good, it is writing of such skill and precision that it could have been done with a diamond cutter. There is not one single wasted word, not one phrase that does not play perfectly” - Kate Copstick ★★★★★ The Scotsman, Edinburgh Festival 2019

Interview - Queerguru

”Few have the ability to combine comedy and pathos, to walk that fine line between laughter and tears. I saw such a rare gifted performer last week in a sold out theatre performance in Santa Monica, CA, Fiona Goodwin is ‘A very British lesbian.” -  Robin Tyler