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What makes a comedy genius? There have been thousands of performers who know the art of comedy, be it stand up, improve, theatre or mime.

But there are very few performers who measure up to Charlie Chaplin, Lily Tomlin, Richard Pryor or the handful of others considered to be a ‘comic genius.’

Few have the ability to combine comedy and pathos, to walk that fine line between laughter and tears. I saw such a rare gifted performer last week in a sold out theatre performance in Santa Monica, CA, Fiona Goodwin is ‘a very British lesbian.’ For one hour, she took us through a journey of the struggle between her religious upbringing and her attraction toward women. She delivers her story so brilliantly, that the audience goes through her life’s ups and downs, laughing all the way. By the end, I wanted to jump up on stage and hug her, for having gone through so much to just ‘come out,’
but the standing ovation lasted too long.

This woman, who grew up in the very proper British countryside,

has created a phenomenal show that is not to be missed.

~ Robin Tyler,
Called the mother of gay comedy, Robin was the first ‘out’ lesbian or gay comic whose 1979 album ‘Always a Bridesmaid, Never A Groom’ is now in the Smithsonian.