SELF RELIANCE by Fiona Goodwin

There is a place inside of all of us
Where we are free
Where there is no fear 
Of their disappointed, disapproving faces
The ultimate rejection already happened when we separated from ourselves
We had to 
It wasn’t safe to be loyal
We donned a mask
To hide
To meet the needs of others
We lost sight of our brilliance.
The mask served us well for a time
But courage is now arising 
We dare to look behind the mask 
To be seen
We pray for the power to say ‘no‘
To that which does not serve us
To the poor imitation carried by the mask
We say ‘yes’ to the stirring within
Let’s make promises at the altar
To the marriage of our breath
With our depth
With our unique emanation.
I’ll go first, will you join me?