BEHIND THE MASK By Elizabeth McCain

Behind the mask
Lies my vulnerability, authenticity
Lots of longing.
I feel relief and hope
Imagining being with sisters behind their masks.

My mask is my ego
Saying, “Be guarded and productive!”
And “when will this end?”

When I take it off
My eyes soften
I can breathe 
My heart expands
And my soul sings!

We are truly connected
In being kind to our sadness
We, the Real Lesbians, Queers, bisexuals, non-binaries
And other identities 
I can’t keep up with!

We are a soul family, a sacred Tribe
Traveling through sorrow and uncertainty.
On Facebook live, zoom, and in dream time.
We can dare to be real 
Because the truth doesn’t lie.

With hope for better days to come,❤️🌈💥