SELF-ISOLATION by anonymous

A personal and social love song.

I’m coming to a realisation
That self isolation
With you, would
End this desolation.
My sweet longing for you
Would be over.

So come self isolate, isolate, isolate with me
Yes come on and isolate, isolate, self isolate with me

What we have,
we want to share

Close the door, and turn the key
Locked down
we can disregard for this sweet time,
Anything but you and me
In tender isolation

So come isolate etc refrain

Yet from our loved-up isolation,
We raise our eyes, to see
Those who need our help,
Whose voices on occasion
Cut through
the deaf ear of privilege.
In instagrams, and vlogs
their image and sounds
are like you and me,
coping with their

various isolations, and violations.
The dread reaper of Covid fear

Many moving 
without hope of safety,
Of keys to turn, or even beds to lie on.

Lord have mercy

On each one.

Take off our masks
Remove our gloves
reach out to the other
and connect.

The planet breathes
A sigh
Its people shed their tears.

No more self isolation, and deep segregation
Please God!
When this is through.
Lets address our human alienation
Economic deprivation
base political manipulation

and ventilate a common space,

with common grace.
Address each one, our
dearth of humanity
the profanity of
so many isolations,
as the world,

Covid 19 free.