SALT water Taffy/ I still don’t know IF I belong- By Beth Haist

Except last year ,
At the start of this thing (this LIVE)

I saw a retrofitted San Francisco trolley with Californian license plates in front of me
on 131,
(a thoroughfare)
A car , a boat , a plane
I am not sure what –
But it was there,
A beacon

On a highway
That shouldn’t of been there-
But was

Despite this puddle jump of a town
North of plenty

I find myself in-

But all I know my life opened up
This push and pull
An online electricity-

Passion-and meccas for GAYS-
WE belong
We belong,

Simple as that –
So I dream &
I plate for two now,

Dropping the angry SOLO cups, paper plate existence
Evesham ware
My mother bought
in the UK

How separate our we?

Delicately remembering
the dance of love,

Its language
Discreet and sweet-

So today, I feel like an Amish grrl
Commandeering a wild one horse buggy-

Flying down my country roads
Of my life,

I know hard work-
I know leisure-

Yet , also I know my own constant wagging tail
Creating my own trail-

Like a golden lab in the water

Bouncing and splashing
Just cuz

She can.

So I take off my BDUs ,

and show you the real deal,
A lesbian

And happy to offer her words
Not because they are always well received
Not because they always hit

JUST because I am among friends-

across thousand of miles
with their own love languages-

That I now receive
without a mask,

without camouflage-

But with a simple thankfulness of community-
Time well-spent