My brain fogged in by Laura Eris

I yi yi..that’s my brain fogged in. I just can’t. I just can’t, I just can’t find the topic or find the words. A flat affect vinyl brain. The needle of the hi-fi, not wi-fi…stuck on a scrath. Repeat, repeat, repeating.
Glitches of expressionless staring. Thinking why does the feeling of anxiety center in my stomach. My brain throbs like a thumb hit with a hammer. Whirlwind of debris circling. I’m fucking crazy. I’m overwhelmed. I fill my day with too much sleep and my night with distractions. Way too much Facebook. Way to much snacking. Way to much. Always waiting for the next sucker punch to land
I did manage to pin down a thought. One of the thoughts that come in real time. You know the ones that coincide in the moment. The whoa! of that realization that my reactions and interactions with the world have become more mature. More compassionate, and kinder. I need to work on turning this inward