My heart is now a meteor by Debbie Carrier

My heart is now a Meteor
Launched into the volition of a nights sky
Like a rainbow painted across a sunset desert, after rain
Wearing tube socks
It’s departure unannounced
It’s freedom banner waving, in its sailing
It jetties across the blowing clouds
The starlit backdrop
And even angel voices say
It’s a miracle.
I can never repay her
For what she did.
I cannot repay her, for what she did.
She was selfless.
She taught me to remember to be selfless.
And I can never repay her!
She single-handedly fixed the dent in me with spit and shine: and washed away the rust
All with a laugh
And glowing eyes
and a love for God so deep
It made me
And my heart is a meteor; not your average bolide
Soaring through the night
Like Evel Knievel soaring high above the Grand Canyon on his super speedy
Flat out flying!
And I can never repay her!