Altruism and faithfulness to my nature By Fiona Goodwin

In she came doubled over
Leaning on her cane
With parcels heavy in her shopping bag.
She shuffled to the back of the very long line
Let me take you to the front I said
No she said I don’t want to make a fuss
So I conceded till I could take it no longer
I said to her I can take it no longer
I’m taking you to the front
I took her arm
I don’t want to cause a scene she croaked
Well I do was my reply
Like footballers In slow motion-about to score a goal
We headed for the counter
And on arrival I told the post office lady what we were doing she smiled a big smile
I announced to the line I hope you don’t mind
Is it alright if this lady goes first?
There was no room in my tone for anything but yes.
I felt good, I think they felt good
The man at the back of the line thanks me
I wanted to let out a cheer for humanity, For the post office
For me being faithful to my nature.