Monetization of the moment By Beth Haist

A singular framing –
A singular dot

Held in space-
Pixelled perfection,

Why do some of us float?
And others drown
In the opulent

This sea of
Is it ever enough?

Surely, at the end of our days
– A witty line
A wink
A meme of intent
Will linger a little longer,
Than our collective attention spans

Alighting on truths
This alignment spinning-

At least we know to look up
At least we know humility,
Is the only thing holding our feet

To this firmanent of humanity~
Our groundcrew of experience

Sneers at the space cowboys
Jumping in on the
Fattest cash cow

Because if any of us were blasted into Space-

We already know the Awe
we would feel
And maybe even the tumbling sadness
At Seeing the

The bluest lone orb
With the thinnest of shields

Holding her in place.


+++++++ the end.