A new version of me by Fiona Goodwin

A new version of me
From the convent.
(I was repressing my wants)
A dialogue with Noddy.
I open my heart to you,
as I did many years ago when wisdom flowed
and I had no other goal then to meet you early each morning
I’m here to tell you I’m available to share your load of heavy hearts and broken minds
Of fallen dreams and lost hopes
Now it’s your turn
You think that serving the good Will be dull
you think you will have to give up the exotic the exquisite, the Erotic
The opposite is true
The more pure your soul the greater your receptivity to grandeur and light
The less burdened you are
with the small idea of who and what you should be.
Open your mind and heart to the unexpected,
To the magnificent, to sunshine
Come out from under the shadow
meet the new version of you.