LOVE ENERGY by Kristi Kirby

Do you hear it?
Better fear it
Cherishing faith
A great escape
Love energy
Leads the way
How do I know you?
Help me you say
You can’t get away?
Let me show you how
Feel the power
Hope showers
Faith penetrates
Through the shadows
Showing the soul how
To make it through
Dark beams in the clouds
Allowing the flow of
Love energy
Growth in the truth
Run this path with a
Cadence song
Journey heavenly
A study of transforming
You’re Going strong
Love inside with
Peace of mind
You will not hide
Show who you are
They won’t rob your soul
Just stay kind
Courageous heart
Love energy
Fills completely
Dance Party
Cruising along
Singing my song
Love energy
All day long
Feel my heart
Love principle
In actions.