COLORS by Susan Byrnes

My mind gains quiet
With images of colors
Red smells like blood
Pouring across the floor
It was flung to the walls
And smeared on the mirror I saw
Red is the color of my anger
It pulses through my veins
It pounds in my heart
It bleeds in my brain

I shoo it away
But it comes back
When I’m not looking
It’s funny that way
It colors my actions
And enters my rhymes
I can try to dilute it
But it is sublime
I can only refuse it
To have any relent
I will not bend to it
Because it can’t be spent
Yet it doesn’t define me

It may have fueled
Who I am
Not an angry color
But someone who is free
Colors don’t bind me
And red is not for me
I like blue better
Blue feels like me
It is my eyes
It is my heart
I am true blue energy