I didn’t mean to come to California By Fiona Goodwin

I didn’t mean to come to California
To the sun, the sand and the sea
It was confronting
When the land I had known Was full of rain.
I wore my gloom like a badge of honour
I defended my case
My “no reason to be cheerful”

It’s so damn uncomfortable
Leaving the familiarity of hopelessness behind,
Flipping the switch
From defeat to kindness in my mind,
Pessimism was all I had known
Deep inside
But somehow, I sent divers down to where the ocean has no light
I had guides that were misfits like me
Who knew their way around and weren’t frightened of the deep.
My flickering torch gets stronger day by day
It’s a white knuckle ride at times
But I’m glad I found some courage to help me on my way

Sent in by Patricia Ferrari Beahan

Bad news: you’re growing and it’s uncomfortable
Good news: it’s uncomfortable, but you’re growing.