HER TORCH HER LIGHT by Rosella Gómez

we have been broken and smashed in million pieces
a million broken pieces of tears and so much pain
alone and lonely have we been, away from all touch
today we pick up a tiny piece of ourlelves so broken
and a new wisdom has filled our hearts aglow
to try to put back together what has been so broken
is a need we no longer find to be a necessary thing
for each piece holds a memory of things past
we have been so lost in empty darkend waters
and in the darkness of those lonely waters we see
a shinning light in the far off waters and shadows
a vessel is moving towards us thru the misty haze
we had lost our way thru this mistly foglike hell
when a torch has been handed us by this vessel
where our torch has gone out her torch light ours
and once again we can see our way home as we
hand off the lite torch for others to find their way back
her vessel of light will continue on, as we continue
to move forward to grow with the seed of her light
to create new life, new love, new ways os living
as we all hand in hand take her with us on our journey
to touch other lonely souls with a light of the tribe