Goethe: “At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist us” by Fiona Goodwin

We spend our lives trying to remember

Why we came,

To get back to who we are

And who we yearn to be.

It’s a nostalgia that we attach to people and places

But that truly belongs to us.

In all the mess, the ego, the self-aggrandisement

Who am I?

What lesson was it that I came to learn?

What quality did my soul notice I was missing?

In support of our search

The universe unfailingly orchestrates the circumstances.

And because we forgot why we came.

We wrestle and complain

Not knowing

That we were the authors of this latest pain

And we blindly do

Anything to make it go away,

But, curiosity brings wisdom

And wisdom brings back the remembrance

It sets in motion the opening of the gate

To a vision of who we are

And begrudgingly at first

Conclude that we don’t want anything

To be different from how it is.