FIONIANS! By Cora Angeneind

Not just a word, no it is so much more.
A group of amazing women, who said join us and opened the door.

For me it’s easy to describe,
Such fantastic and beautiful woman, called the Fionian Tribe.

The day I joined I will never forget.
It was so scary, but a day I will never ever regret.

Fionian Messenger, Workshop Facebook or Poetry Live.
This group helps you see there is more than just survive.

We talk about our dreams, goals, stories and anxiety.
Things we don’t speak about in society.

In this group we do, we can be brave.
Cause everything we talk about, in this group we kmow it’s safe.

Just dare again to: Trust, believe enjoy or feel.
They help each other, to see it’s not a dream but that it’s real.

This group makes such a difference in our lives.
We feel much better and got back our drives.

There is no doubt in my mind
This group is really one of a kind.

We can do it, we will make it through,
So to Fiona and The Fionians,
A big big thank you.