Blinded by DK Linda

I fell for the persona you believed
would win my soul
Briefly I was blinded; I lost myself within it’s toll
I gave you my heart
And you tried to sell it for parts on the black market.
I gave you the key to my real
And you used it to enter and steal
All the goodness and brightness you couldn’t possibly hold
Until your dirty, clammy little hands began to crumble and fold.
I gave you parts of me that no one else sees
And you used it to bring me to what you conceived were my weakened knees
Thinking you had control over me.
The predator in you thought you had me by the nape
All you ever really had was what I was willing to forsake
The passion, kindness and love weren’t yours to destroy
They were given freely, generously regardless of the underlying ploy
The part of me that needed to learn and grow
Is grateful that you’re someone I used to know.
You didn’t count on real friends who had my back
Or the strength of my core and resilience to your bombardment of pathetic attacks.
As I walked away, I didn’t turn around or hear you react
There was no apologetics wince or cry of woe
You already had another victim lined up that you could perceivably control.
I’ll ultimately see that the time you hijacked wasn’t for naught
It was purposeful in all the ways that I’ll ultimately know
I’m grateful for the lessons it taught.
I won’t expend another moment of energy on that time any longer
I have gone forth better off, so much wiser and stronger.