FAMILY by Brooklyn

My home is quiet today, mummy is st work she is a trauma nurse Daddy is on crutches, he crashed his motorbike. Big brother is at our cousins for the day.
My baby brother did really well with his physio today, he has fallen asleep on the lounge,
He is really cute.
He has Cereberal Palsey we all help him and encourage him every day.
I am so proud to be his big sister,I think he will do great things, when he grows up.
Earlier today I was on my laptop doing an assignment for uni, and I didn’t notice that he crawled over to me and started chewing on my paperwork that I had neatly placed on the floor.I was so happy that he was able to crawl to me without any help, I was ecstatic and so so proud of him. I hugged him with “big sister pride”
I retrieved some of the homework from his slobbery little mouth. I kissed his cute chubby cheeks, He snuggled in for hugs we stayed hugging, he fell asleep in moments.
i love him with all my heart,
mummy says “his cuteness is divine”.
I love you Fiona, and the fionians too. Please remind yourself and the tribe to always be kind to your sadness and never put yourselves or anyone down, and never cause yourself or anyone any pain.
🐻👩🌻🍕🐳love and respect from Brooklyn age 7
PS I am enjoying doing Introduction to law. xx❤️