Evolutionary swimming by Jennifer Curry

Resting while floating, unloading.
Smooth methodically stroking.
Water caressing, surface, recoding.
Flowing focus, gentle holding, remolding.

Breathing, bobbing buoyancy
Rotating side-to-side flamboyantly.
Inhaling receiving rhythmic fullness.
Emptying internal confining stale dullness.


Counting laps like female foreplay.
Familiarizing mind’s phenomenal displays.
Limbs returning again and again,
gliding, sliding flipping kicking singing.

Applauding stronger training.
Viewing through a water painting.
Pausing, simplifying not withdrawing.
Spirit body, mind refining.

Everyday is a new version, new excursion.
Each breaststroke disperses life’s burdens for certain.
Learning, determine, not hurting still flirting.
Resurging observing burning birthing searching.
Still yearning opening the virgin curtain.