Walk in light
Make the most of life.
Grow in grace and acknowledge the duality.
Clear spiritual eyesight formed
Trust in the imperfect sphere inside.
No longer wanting to hide
Long years of darkness with doubt so life is made simple to stir the soul that creates melodies now in my heart.
Sunshine always clears the pain and the clouds pass when they come my way.
Energy in the soul is educating me to be in more faith, patient, loving, kind, and trusting the unknown.
Continue walking the path of humility in mind, with strength and wisdom always near me now.
Increases grace and spirit hungering this thirsty soul to the new life I’ve been waiting for. 
New life created with more self worth and self esteem, hope, trust in resting peacefully and promises of true weather happy or sad.
Living my soul by faith and not sight alone
Elevating me higher and higher and rising above itself.
Maintain tender sympathy to all the world that comes to all. 
Never letting go of the new soul in me and will triumph in the end of it all!