HAPPY by Kristi Kirby

Songbirds sing among the green leaves
Calming peace surrounds me even as evil lurks so closely.
For it will not erase my tranquility in me
Yearning for love will never end as I find myself again.
Clouds are around and wind blows strongly the trees still not apprehending 
My peace within me.
So happy to be and staying conscious and paying attention to me. 
I’m happy because I’m free

Luminescent light radiates from the moon as shots ring out due to dove season across the state. 
I built a sanctuary where those that flee can hangout with me. A safe place to be free.
Lots of bird food and water for those that self-sacrifice and continually give all their care. 
It is not a myth that doves bring promises of hope to this gypsy looking for a home. 
I help them survive during this awful hunting season 
A conundrum we share together in time.