What takes your breath away // 2021 deep blue river musings @ debbie carrier

I know my own breath is the wind;
Coming and going
In and out, returning.
I know my breath as God, as source, as spirit, as Ruach.

Coming and going,
In and out, returning
Never coming to me void
( But from, the void )
Where all is;
And always will be.
And this
Takes my breath away!

To think that I and the breath are one.
To think that I and source are one.
And in my body temple
The two mix.
Me, and source.

Tangling on the trapeziums
High flying
High gliding
Sun on our back.
Sun in our hearts.


This takes my breath away.

The joy of the Union
Of source and self
Of source and soul.
Of Soul and Source, like soup!

(She looked at me across a harbor
And her eyes the steeliest blue
I could see that she knew it too.
I could see the wind whipping inside her
And that took my
Breath away.)