“War at Home” by Jen Curry

Seeing spiders, all kinds of spiders.
Spinning webs of karma.
Life after life.
Laughing, crying swaying in cyclic time.
Making memories that stick and sting.
Like glue, over the bed
and below the bull pit.
At the parade shot dead.
Severed heads of loved ones.
Possibilities possessed.
Identity unrelenting
fearful definition.
Enclosed, imprisoned
sitting ducks.
Perceptions built on
shaky foundation without
proper attention or affection.
No ground to become sound.
Lost in internet space refused to escape.
Built walls from deception
told to stand back and tall.
Never realizing the profound.
Mind fed, distortion, destruction.
Deliverance of death with
legal weapons of war AK47’s.
Now in prison
where the battles go on.
And freedom is lost.
Inside and out.