Turning Points by Terra Kay

Headlines turn my head
take my breath away
gasping as I heard
the overturn of Roe V Wade
four days later
gasping in another way
for all to see steady forthright
Ms Hutchinson‘s grace
may save the day
her words her truth
earn her a superhero’s cape
Turning points
pivotal moments
shift my perception
give me direction
inner mindscapes are safe
places of reflection
when thoughts take form
sparks ignite
what purpose what cause
what willingness to invite
outer possibilities
render a call to action
In all this reverie
compelled to join others
convictions rights beliefs
I want to sign up
become the change
be the change
turning points
points of light
we can create what
we wish to see
turn it up
point it higher than ever before
me she he they we
all magnificent all significant
turning points alter
courses of history