Shortcut by Fiona Goodwin

I impersonated a straight person every day for many years
Black people don’t have that option
Is there a shortcut to my humanity?
Can I carve my way through coldhearted apathy
To find the antedote to bigotry
my own and others
Somebody help me please
To no longer be a bystander
Gagged and silent
When atrocities occur every day.
In my own heart I turn a blind eye to intimate terrorism
Making it okay to despise and disparage
The person I most rely on
It isn’t ok.
Your so-called humility,
Your refusal to love yourself,
makes you Unkind, inhuman,
I’m not saying it’s easy
I’m saying it’s necessary.
A worthy endeavour
A mountain to climb maybe
But as we courageously turn our eyes to the summit
Help will come our way.
At the moment of commitment The entire universe conspires to assist you.
Goethe said that.