RED FLAGS by Kristi Kirby

Red flags blown through
Just to live in limbo
Michelle was no nympho
Red flag numero uno.
Wanting to help someone
This is true
I love the commitment
Between two.
What do I mean?
It means everything to me!
I tried ever so hard with her
A delicate balance
Time invested
Years stuffing
Deep hurt
From a red flag smirk.
Intentions have meaning
I am always hopeful
I popped the question
Flew out and surprised her.
Mean she was
No excitement at all
Red flags swarming
Blaming sickness
I Took it all.
Went back home
Swallowed my pride
A dream job came through
Back to the scenes
Of dreams the Bay Area
To finally be wed under the
Golden Gate Bridge.
Heavenly space
I loved it there
No care
When I got there
I received nothing at all
I begged for kisses
To make out to make love!
She would rather sleep with her
Daughter instead?
Red flag steamed
My head
I fled
To better my sanity
To stay safe from a fight.
Never looking back
I let her creep in but
Not in my heart never ever
For better or worse
Isn’t a curse
Listening with
Constant humor
Changing the volume
Heartfelt emotions
Move mountains
Stay loose
Like mother goose
Be a rhymer
Read your crowd
You might see a four leaf
Just scan the reds
Be better off with
Mr. Ed.
Reruns are sweet
When you rub
Your loved ones
For now I’m on my own love
Clearing the red
Stuffed down below
Breaking through to the
Red flags don’t scare me
I’m developing a new power
Using skills
Courage and strength
A supergirl
A woman
Finding her crown
A soldier
Being her own
Church in
God’s blessings
That are constantly
I’m so grateful for the reds
The flags that heal
The little girl
Who longs to have