Poem by Christine Kennedy

Deep within my deepest sleep , a beautiful troubled wing dragonfly flew straight into my eye .  It flew to the center , then my third eye .

A dark shadow appeared while surrounded by mid night .

Beautiful Eyes appeared from Madame .  They where green, blue, and hazel hues looking directly at me . You have wings  like silk framed  gold shear framed  with splender !

I am admiral

I was frightened at first , what have you come for . To deliver a message

You must know this is tradition , its self

Power I questioned and realized .

Power that life a Eagle wing .

Your life is your own  , protected by nature.
In all gatherings you will see nature ,  amist the stars , fear Not.

I , we all have been butterflies, and we all have travelled deep amist the thicket .
That’s it butterflies , cocoon and all.