Open 24/7 by Terra Kay

Awake at 2:50 a.m.
it’s a new day
but only I seem to know it
ambient music
gentle summer breeze
make fine company
My stillness an illusion
my mind on overtime
I already played Wordle
and a crossword online
spirit guides and I
settle in as we quietly write
to pass the time
awaiting the sun to rise
The universe says to me
what would you like?
I need a minute while
looking for a menu
where none exists
as if my order will be sent
to some cosmic kitchen—
if I say surprise me…
who knows what I’ll get?
I decide on the special
of the day —
kindness love
tenderness and joy
with extra grace
and gratitude please
and I’ll supersize some
wisdom of Solomon
on the side… no cheese
If this were an
all night diner
with a neon 24/7
no question I’d tip
really well and as
I approach the cashier
the universe would just
smile and say no charge
it’s always on me