“It Takes Courage Revised 2021” by Jen Curry

It takes courage to trust in life.
Embracing the natural unfolding and
to experience the shadows that reveals the light.
And to dance in sheer delight

It takes Courage to drop the veils of safety.
Those menacing defense mechanisms that mingles.
It takes courage to dive in with complete abandonment.
To feel, the body’s own wisdom as sensations arise and energize.

It takes courage to reach beyond ones limits.
Instead of retreating for, the safe haven of innocence.
Accepting rewarding failures that, eventually leads one
within the depths of self love and compassion.
Trusting in life, creating one’s mantra for openness.

It takes courage to knock on vulnerabilities ‘s door
Walking in to discover the fool had more valor than before.
It takes courage, not to run from moments of overwhelming desire, listening to the contented choir.

It takes courage to loosen the gripe on duality’s diversions
Not pacifying necessary psychic excursion.
To unmask labels that created conformity.
Confining curiosity for honesty and enormity.

It takes courage to get up again and again and again.
Each time with less ego fixation, less pride, less anger
Becoming malleable to the winds and tides of change.
It takes courage to let go of the familiar cage.

It takes courage to confront false ideas of one’s self.
Those imposed internally as well as externally.
Arriving closer and far beyond yesterday’s reflection.
Setting the present free, liberating past and future.