Immeasurable In Degree by Terra Kay

What about tonight
elevated love even higher
to a higher threshold
immeasurable in degree
we danced in the backyard
we burned and released
our demons in the fire

We drank the wine
we laughed and played
like the best friends we are
under the stars
those pure moments
of your physical body
we merged wrapped and melded
as nothing was separate between us

Beside you my arms and legs
my neck and chest pressed
sought as many points of contact
as I could possibly manage
I couldn’t hold you close enough
or find enough skin
to feel your touch your embrace
I felt your breath on my face
I was beyond my body
your essence elevated me
immeasurable in degree

Night was sleepless for me
I listened to your breath
felt the subtle rhythm
of your sleeping body
so precious so private so sacred
savoring each hour
fully present to the flames
of effervescent light
over and above my head
in the essence of true belonging
the Holy Spirit of grace and peace
lifted my soul and consciousness
immeasurable in degree