HOW WE CHANGE… by Fiona Goodwin

In the quiet
I imagine myself less attached
To my “sad story”
Look! Look how sad my life has been! I cried
My ‘tragic tale’drew kindness and understanding
But on my travels Inward
and in aeroplanes
I watched with envy
The air stewards’ effortless smiles.
I didn’t know then the power of intention
But that was a moment
When everything and nothing changed
I prayed – a tear falling gently
On my pulled down seat tray
“Please can I have a sunny disposition?”
Nothing outwardly happened that day
My hand luggage was no less heavy as I left the plane
Incrementally joy came
California sunshine
Teachers and lovers
Bred a new disinterest in melancholy
It happened with and without my knowing
Now I have new friends
And a deep respect for how healthy It is to be happy.