GRACE by Fiona Goodwin

There were days
I didn’t want to live
Hoped I wouldn’t
The Point of my being here. lost
I grasped at every flickering light
In hopes of coming back to life
But the greatest danger came
When I stopped looking
Stopped caring
Grew numb to outstretched hands
preferring darkness my old friend
I went through the motions of existence
judging it as pitiful
I abandoned the intention to thrive, to love, to smile inside out out,
I’m not entirely sure how it turned around
Or the moment
Or even if I had anything to do with it
Some things, small things went right
Some hands reached out and
Some kind conversations pierced the shroud.
And I stumbled to my feet
steadying myself on the oh so familiar walls of my cell.
I would like to take credit for my comeback
That I prayed more, I ate less,
made a vision board about my vision board.
Grace came.
For no reason, she reached inside
All bets are off she said
The thing you least expected
Is on its way.
The you you never knew
Shes coming home.
You’re coming home.