Compassion // 2022 deep blue river musings by Debbie Carrier

It’s what the Buddhist Monks teach brings Longevity fire in the eyes solid teeth
Brightness in the veins in old age
I may be 60 but I feel 35
Oh, I have days
When I sleep
When I slip out of the bliss state
Because the world doesn’t want me to live there
The first thing every morning
I thank God
But the next thing I am humbled
As I attempt to work in a world
Where this value is not honored
And neither is
The bliss state.
It must come from the heart
To live from the heart
To be honest and forthright
To have integrity
To live is to know
And to know begets wisdom
And to be wise
You must show compassion
And forgiveness
And thankfulness
And keep it simple silly rabbit.
Yes, I slip and I age faster and I become ill
And I get deeper pains
But I know the moment I forget my body
Things get better
The moment I am lighter
Not carrying the worlds version of me
And all their talk of illness
I glide through space and time
And I say silly me
Where did that pain go
It went, with the burden.
I can look in the mirror one morning and see an aging woman 60 plus
Dying of something
And another morning a chipper bird of slightly more than 40, by the looks of it
I get up I look in the mirror
I say you look beautiful, darling
And I thank the Universe that I am alive
And full of gratitude
And compassion.
What is age. I am compassionate from my heart, for myself
And for every soul because every soul struggles to allow themselves compassion.
But it makes all the difference
And when you smile and laugh
Thinking this might be the best day of my life
You slide into the place of bliss again
Until someone hurting
Throws an arrow.
Do your best to have compassion. Resound with love from the belly. React with as much kindness as you can. Yes, you’ll fail. You’ll fall. But you will get better at it.
And on the mornings, when your hair looks like a torpedo suspended in mid-air by two giant trapezoids
Turn the other check.
Say, oh! Honey what have we here
And giggle a little
And watch some of the battle scars fall away.
And when you kiss, kiss fully
And when you dance, dance whole-heartedly.
And when you weave in the traffic
Show yourself a little grace
And compassion.