Coming together in friendship by Christine Kennedy

If the Moon can shine its beam of light throughout the world, why not faithful friendship.  To me the beauty  of friendship is likened to the beginning of a new day , everyday.  It’s a heartfelt awakening of caring , loving , sharing and investing in the reflection of its light that has touched your very soul.
  It’s not something that universally happens often, nor something I harbor on .  It  mystically appears like a flash and bolt of lightening.  Its intensity  awakens my senses  , like a reflective element liken to gold .
  Priceless to replace , sadden when lost , as its like a soulful tide that comes in and freely goes .   It is free and flowing ,  deeply felt , and matures like the grains of sand .  For in its presence there is a soulful joy , to keep close to heart and enjoy !