Is the original sin of another

Imprinted on me

So I innocently…followed.

Looking so high-

UP at you.

So tall it seems

That smirk of stigma-

Easily offloaded

On me-

I took it-

As others did before-

Maybe you had no clue-

You crushed something

So pure and new.

Oh, the crosses we bear-

My mother would say-

No-mom-not today

–not now-not ever

I take this script

Because I can-

I take it

          And Flip It.

I give it Back

To You,

And You,

And You.

Your confusion-

Your ADULT grandeur of self-

Stealing me away-

Until I could not bear

All the Hate.

So, Today

I gently take

Myself to the sculpture

Of my own Body.

Standing Outside-

A view I am used to–

AND today,

I see it as it is-

Just scaffolding burnt away-

No worries-not necessary-

For LIFT-off.

So, I take your scripts

And flip them-

Because IF NOT NOW,


To begin again,

Blowing these embers into Flames