BAD MEMORIES by ‘Rebecca’

(Trigger warning: this poem describes sexual abuse)
Please go away bad memories:
I don’t want to remember their smile, sweat, or his smell.
Or the way they made me promise not to tell.
Please go away bad memories, it pains me to breath.
Everything hurts, I need time, time to just grieve.
I don’t like the dirtiness and the way I’ve carried this shame.
I’ve spent my whole life walking this earth thinking I was to blame.
Please go away bad memories, I wish that you’d never come.
When you grace me with your presence, you leave, and I feel numb.
I don’t like to hear the voice in my head of that child begging them to stop.
Or remember when they didn’t listen, threw me down and climbed on top.
Please go away I hate everything I see in these horrible hurtful things.
I feel like a bird laying waiting to die with its broken tattered wings.
I don’t wish to see any further or to remember the blood running down my skin.
What you did was wrong, sick and disgusting, you all took part, in the ultimate sin.
Please go away bad things I beg of you now.
I wish to go to sleep, but I just don’t know how.