Altruism. By Laura Merritt

I have been fortunate in the past. Recieving benefit from the selfless acts and kindness of others.
Helped from a muddy hillside of a lake where I had parked my truck. Had it not been for him. Mr. Homer Light. My truck would have sank out of sight.
Then Mary Friend, I swear the names I’m not making them up..Parked her car and walked with her walker though four lanes of traffic to rescue my old grey cat when she was injured and lost.
I can think of many times I have been helped by the generosity and compassion of others. Most not as dramatic but no less of a gift. Subtle in their relevence and understood only by looking back.
Am I altruistic?
I won’t boast or gloat. Something I read once about being discreet when giving. I could fill this page with a rave praising good deeds and donations.
Every instance of selflessness, kindness and consideration.
Everytime I have tossed money up a conveyor belt. Offered to shop for people who couldn’t get to the store or waited with someone until their help arrived. Always trying to set people up for success and encouraging them.
I have never once thought of myself as altruistic. These acts just seemed the right things to do at the time.