A Cops Wife by Kate Stavrou-Benz

The alarm wakes us from peaceful slumber
I awake in the arms of my gentle sweet lover. Naked in each other’s arms not a care in the world.
Her hair smells of apple shampoo
The taste and smell of a night of sex and desire lingers in our room.
I close my eyes
My thoughts wander. do I dare hope for a future, with her.
She is feisty, she is fun, she is fierce. she is soft she is rough she is weak she is strong.
I watched with desire as she dresses for work. A cop. a police officer. a first responder. she looks sexy in blue.
Be careful my love. return home safely to me, she smiles that smile that sets my body on fire, blows me a kiss as she walks out the door..
10 hours later a knock on the door,My brother in law.. She’s hurt it’s bad was all that I heard as he wrapped his arms around me as I fell to the floor.
The trip to the hospital was all but a blur. police escort, sirens blaring in the still night air
My heart is thumping my mind is a mess. I close my eyes I focus on her smell her touch her desire’s my body is trembling. I want to scream!!
I pray to god to keep her alive.
hospital foyer is a sea of blue,her colleagues got the word that an officer was down, They all showed their respect and love for a mate in blue.
I scream I want to see her, She is my lover, my wife!!!
Waiting with family we are praying to god
I silently scream ‘It’s my darling don’t they know I need to know if she is dead or alive”
A nurse takes my arm and leads me to a room.I hesitate, I enter I see her lying there with her beautiful face covered in blood, my knees buckle her mum holds me and says She’s alive!!!
As I approach my lover my darling my best friend, I see blood everywhere..I lean to her gently, I look into those hazel eyes I gently kiss her cheek and say “ I’m here, I’ve got you, you are going to be ok”as I leaned toward her for a second kiss I noticed a pungent smell a mixture of stale blood and dirt, all matted through her hair
As I sat beside her holding her hand I heard them talking her colleagues in blue. The was 6 offenders they said. A metal tyre iron there weapon of choice. she was kicked and stomped on and hit many times with the tyre iron
Results of scans no brain bleed, several fractures to her skull and forehead
3 days home with us before she is well enough for Monique and I to shampoo her hair.. I hold her tenderly kiss her sweet cheek, her sweet cheek, her hair smells of apple shampoo..