A very British lesbian Is written on my mug
You can’t see that it’s written backwards
It’s so you can read it
Cos the camera turns it around

I’ve written backwards all my life
For when people are watching
I Impersonated a straight person
To make me easier to read, to be with.
I’m sorry I doubted some of you who would have loved me anyway
I learnt to say I was happy when I wasn’t
Or sad when I wasn’t
I acted stupid when I wasn’t
Confused when I knew exactly what was going on
Just to get the desired affect
To keep you comfortable
So that I would be safe
That’s a lot of wiring that got messed up and it had to be untangled
I’m telling you this so that you know that sometimes
I’m not who I really am
That I will disappoint you with my smallness,
I will still sometimes lie
And wander away from the truth of who I am
Bear with me
Please know that Your kindness Makes a big difference
It makes it okay to be who I am.