What an auspicious delicious kind of day! No, when I facebook friended you jan.19-th of last year based just on “what a cute pic, & oh she’s a British lesbian, (oh all in at that point), I had no idea , none did of course knew of the looming pandemic backdrop,OR the calling forth of the amazing show not show where we busted a new scene- pretty much just as cool as the old Beatnik/pub
without the annoying cigarette smoke and you know filled with fasKinaNating womyn, with more and more amazing life stories packed full of pathos, redemption and beautiful illusive hope.

So to say you mean something to me, or this group of Fionians mean something to me is an understatement—I would have rode to the tattoo parlor along time ago, that has never been my ‘thing’ to swear allegiance, but here I did easily and swiftly by writing anthems including some star players, but this group instantly FELT right and to have you READ my writing as well,I was easily shot in the stratosphere with Joy.

So, yes my writing has reflected the joy, hope and even love I felt within this group, so even without a tattoo, I will always feel a part , of this amaZing thing called:————— , it has been a lot of fun, and yes, tears, and growth, and pushing out old barriers , on and on 😁 started a year ago on FB LIVE, no I feel seen, heard and held all at once , I mean really kind of unheard of in the too cool for school clipped consonant age we live age-

So Capitan, you lead with an emotional bandwidth that hits us all, and I for one will always be grateful,

I cannot end this, well because with the Fionians & you it will always have a million new interesting plot twists and unfoldings–but in the spirit of Hal , I would like to add to the vernacular

To Fi ona: to dance unexpectedly
To be fi ona ed : a state of mind, blissful exhaustion, receptive to new ideas,
Fion ing -joining others Fionians in estatic dance
To Fion ize: to unexpectedly capture one’s heart in a rich and varied way,

So yes, Fiona YOU created an emotional bandwidth that attracted beauty,truth, creative abundance of us so yeah I won’t be the first or the last to say

I love you, for these beautiful gossamer threads, now golden (and yeah it is time for the ROLLS Royce),

Take care
And peace out, Ms. Fiona Claire Goodwin a fair title, if I must say so, myself._