Early winter mourning arrives.
Deep sleep begins to thin out and diffuse.
The hearing mind mingles with unfamiliar sounds.
Looking, for sound bites that seem so close,
yet resonate on distant mountain tops.
Residing in known and unknown spaces.
Someone or something is weeping.
Launching layers of awareness.
Hearing my breath rise and fall.
Abiding betwixt states… longing to stay in one.
Stillness, gives way to the curious mind.
Silently listening to random weeping.
Recognizing and acknowledging its ‘sad presence.
Hearing the abyss of raw tender weeping.
As, it creeps in and seeps out.
Is this primordial vibration coming from within?
Am I hearing my own cries?
Cries… others have heard.
That emanated and echoed as I slept.
Am I now aware of what I was hearing?
But still wondering why.
Am I weeping for myself?
Or am I weeping for the world?