Together is better by Rosella Gómez

her eyes are a gentle blue, her voice a sweet whisper
she brings you many hours of light and stillness
to cause you to ponder your life, and the world around you
what do you hear when she speaks, what do you see in those eyes
a light that whispers you home, a place where you are safe
a voice so smooth like velvet to the touch, a gentle breeze
a softness to your bold and otherwise brightened world
a welcomed distraction from the horrors of what life is today
from a tiny little dragon that has taken our lives from us
from what once was the norm to a different kind of norm
a norm that carries such darkness and strife, emptyness
so we seak out this lovely voice in that darkend space of time
to be refreshed from the dragon, and be part of her light
to touch the velvet smoothness of her voice, the cure
to give us hope, to touch our inner souls, with a healing light
ney we fear the dragons fight to take us away from our world
we stand tall, hand in hand, together with her, we fight
to move forward, together, hand in hand, we stand tall against it all