My heart beats a little louder my heart beats a little slower
I feel you there in my heart beating in rhythm
when I feel empty you fill me up when I feel down
you take me high, when I am lonely you touch me
I feel your smile whisper in my ear hello there
And I am not alone for the tribe of light has found me
has taken me into their arms of love and hope, peace
My life has taken a turn, where there was darkness
now there is light, where there was sorrow, I feel the joy
You tickle my feet with a love so pure and free of want
how can I be trodden down with such light shinning on me
My lovely you have given a dreamers dream, hope so true
for now we all have become one in spirit and soul and mind
oh my lovely you are a gift from above do you see what you have done
a tribe of women one in spirit, hand in hand together we heal