THE END by DKLinda

The end of a relationship that isn’t meant to be can feel like death… but that’s the illusion! In truth, it’s the gift of a rebirth. A revival. It’s a chance to heal all those parts of us we think are gone (either willingly given away to them or devoured by them) yet remain – only, are too scarred, scared, sad and traumatized to believe anything’s going to be okay or worthy without the unhealthy or unsuitable host they attached themselves to for so long. I don’t want to just parrot the sentiment… I want to believe emphatically that everything will be okay.

Imagine if you will that you’ve put two puzzle pieces together. They fit seemingly perfectly. They match. They compliment one another. Everything looks great until you find that you can’t place any other pieces. You notice that there’s a piece that you hadn’t or weren’t ready or able to see before. You reluctantly pull the seemingly perfect pieces apart. It’s difficult. They’re pretty stuck together. You have to shift them back-and-forth over and over and continuously tug with all your might to separate them. When it’s done, you’re able to attach that other last piece in it’s place. They combine easily. They attach together effortlessly. You complete the puzzle.

So for today, I will know that if I felt that much for someone that didn’t truly fit, it’s unimaginable what I’ll feel when I’m with someone whose connection is even stronger and we’re conjoined together as one, comfortably.