Thankfulness by Caroline Jamieson

Its late
In life
To find thankfulness
A smile
That adorns my face
For at night now
I can lay me down
Without the tears
The fears paralysing me
I can believe
In a brighter few years
Being blessed
Once in my desperateness
Words were spoken
Words that pierced through my body
Not believing my ears
I dared to write
To beg for help
Take me out of this darkness
Help me to find freedom
From religion
Freedom from my darkness
Its been a year or more
Of toil
The light is getting brighter
I can feel a giggle
To the creator
8000 miles or more
Finding the good one
A perfect fit
So thankful
So so thankful!
The path ahead
Is now learning
how to know love
How to give love to self
And others
An unconditional loving
Like what has been given to me.
Thankful foreva thankful.