Stuff I want in 2022 By Fiona GOODWIN

I want cats and dogs
And shoes and a place to lay my head,
I want fine foods, sunshine and surf,
I want planes trains and automobiles – fast ones.
I want cool boots and cowboy hats
I want a body,
Albeit ancient
That I can be proud of
And that keeps serving me.
I want to sit by a fire,
And write and write and write,
I want to see laughter on real faces not just on a screen
Mostly I don’t want to miss out on love
The love of friends around a table
Of neighbours who have my key
For my tribe inside my telephone
For the man who mends my shoes
And If there is a big love
I don’t want to miss out on that,
And for all of that I want the ridding of anything historical
That says I am not deserving
God have mercy on any conviction,
Any mean story that I still tell myself
That stops me from seizing joy and love
With every fibre of my being
I know it’s an inside job –
I’m going in, helmet on,
Who’s coming with me?