SPIN by Kristi kirby

Spin, spin, spin, spinning across the heavenly I stood at open heart waiting for you.

My cross of doubt and fear I lay it out for you. I love each of you.

Following paths of stones. Truth and wisdom becomes visibly clear. So clever and divine.

Arriving one by one just in time. Climbing together this mountain of bravery.

Higher and higher. Leaning on one another. Swinging in unison heavy loads. Unloading burdens, seeds of doubt, and throwing them over the cliffs of this virtual mountain of hope.

Continual in the climb. Being of positive mind and heart. Coughing out toxicity in the openness.

Releasing the deep nauseating fumes buried in my gut. Making room for more pure love inside.

Paving a new adventure for us.
Let us enjoy the ride ❤️